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Curriculum ICT Support
for Primary Schools
e-Safety in the Curriculum
  • Are you worried about implementing the new National Curriculum requirements for teaching E-safety?
  • Are you struggling to find resources?
  • Are you wondering how you can provide an age-related, comprehensive curriculum for e-Safety that enables pupils to become safe and responsible users of new technologies?

If the answer to any of these questions is Yes then read on.

We are in the process of developing a 'Toolkit' which provides lesson plans and learning materials for each year group. It complements and expands upon our existing curriculum resources.

The ICTinspires e-Safety Toolkit is available now for Key Stage 1 and can be pre-ordered for Key Stage 2. Contact us for more details.

NEW curriculum, new resources & courses. Don't miss out on our new 2014 Curriculum Toolkit and courses.

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Curriculum Solution

ICTinspires Curriculum Solution provides schools with a comprehensive and seamless set of tools with which to plan and teach computing across the curriculum. The four stage solution includes an audit program to assess staff computing CPD requirements, monitoring tools to help teachers ensure they cover the breadth of computing across all subjects and additional support.

ICTinspires Curriculum SolutionTake a detailed look at ICTinspires
Computing Curriculum Solution


New Computing Curriculum!

ICTinspires has rewritten their ICT Curriculum to provide schools with comprehensive, 'Progression in Computing' documents which are fully compliant with the DfE 2014 Computing Curriculum and offers a full breadth of coverage of Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology.

For a nominal cost, head teachers can purchase this crucial document together with our Pupil Self-Assessment booklets.


e-Safety The Big Issue

Do you have CEOP accreditation in line with Ofsted e-Safety framework?

Is your school up to speed with it's responsibility?

Is your school e-Safety compliant?

Do you have the resources to support your staff, pupils and parents?

ICTinspires is offering CEOP e-Safety accredited courses in this critical area.