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Curriculum ICT Support
for Primary Schools

ICTinspires UPDATED Computing Progression for Primary Schools provides teachers with a structure for teaching Computing in line with the NAACE framework and fully compliant with the Computing Curriculum 2014. We believe it is important for a Computing curriculum to be integrated into all areas of learning and teaching and be progressive, with skills constantly reinforced and developed.

ICTinspires Computing Curriculum costs £80 +Vat for EYFS, KS1 & KS2 (less £10 if EYFS not req.).

View an example of the EYFS, KS1 or KS2 curriculum to see how your school can benefit, then place an order.

To support the ICTinspires Computing Curriculum we have introduced Pupil Self-Assessment booklets. Each booklet is designed to pick out key skills from the Computing curriculum in an 'I can do' format to give pupils ‘next steps’ guidance and to give the teacher an overview of their knowledge and understanding in preparation for a formal assessment. These booklets are available in PDF format or pre-printed at a cost of 30p each plus p&p. Contact us for details.

Take a look at a specimen of the Pupil Self-Assessment A5 booklet.

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These materials will:

  • Provide clear progressive ideas to teach all aspects of Computing from EYFS to Upper KS2 within three booklets, including e-Safety sections.
  • Provide guidance on the appropriate standards of Computing capability that are appropriate for children in each phase and suggestions of assessment criteria.
  • Provide practical examples of how Computing skills, knowledge and understanding can be integrated into planning across the curriculum as well as providing suggested resources. Provide Computing assessment ideas and includes pupil self-assessment booklets.
  • Provide Computing assessment ideas and includes pupil self-assessment booklets.

Schools can use the suggested objectives and progression of skills to further develop their own good practice.